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June 26, 2021 4 min read

The long-awaited Prime Day 2021 is finally here, and that means it's your best chance to save of getting our awesome pet deals. We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals for dog lovers like yourself. Now you can stock up on some of our amazing pet products like supplies, toys, apparel and more for your fur babies or even get some for yourself.

Below, browse the 10 best Prime Day pet deals available now through tomorrow, June 28 at midnight PT.

 1. Cuddly™ Banana Shirt

The sun is out and the sky is clear- time to bring your little pupper out to the dog park! Keep your fur friend clean, protected and stylish while making the most of the warm weather of Spring and Summer with the Cuddly™ Banana Shirt - whether it's just a quick walk in the park, an early morning jog, or an afternoon play time with your best friend.

Shop Cuddly™ Banana Shirt Here

2. Cuddly™ Hydrate Portable

If you travel often with your pup, you'll know that its a hassle to bring a doggy bowl and a water bottle at the same time. Our Cuddly™ Hydrate Portable solves this problem. It acts as a snack-container, water bowl and water container in an easy to dispense container. It holds up to 0.25L of water and has a storage compartment for 0.2L of food, so you no longer have to lug heavy bottles and bowls around while walking, hiking, running or just taking a trip to the park.

3. Cuddly™ Pawspro Pet Nail Trimmer

If your puppers are terrified of nail trimming, then we’ve got you covered. Precisely trim their nails round and smooth, no more worries about over cutting, nasty pains or bleeding. Leave your puppy's paws touchably soft and your furniture safe from scratches.

Shop Cuddly™ Pawspro Pet Nail Trimmer Here


4. Cuddly™ Snuffle Mat

Keep your little fur baby preoccupied and having fun with this Cuddly Snuffle Mat! With various patterns and activities your precious pet can get busy on, made with premium and high quality oxford fabric that is guaranteed to be very durable. Comes in a range of different design selections which vary in pattern shapes and texture so you can pick out the perfect Cuddly Snuffle Mat your fur baby will enjoy the most!

Shop Snuffle Mat Here


5. Cuddly™ Fleece Blanket

Specially made to keep your little fur babies snug and toasty even on the coldest days! This Cuddly Fleece Blanket is made out of a hundred percent high quality materials that is guaranteed to be soft and durable all in one! With fabric made with a perfect mix of polyester and cotton, this Cuddly Fleece Blanket is guaranteed comes in a range of different design variations that will definitely be a hoot for your fur baby!

Shop Cuddly™ Fleece Blanket Here


6. The Poodlefather Tee

For all the poodle lovers who loves donning Godfather apparel -  The Poodlefather T-shirt is the best of both worlds – dog pun included. Inspired by the 1972 American crime film The Godfather, this graphic tee is an entertaining way to celebrate your love for Godfather… and poodles!

Shop The Poodlefather Tee Here


7. Cuddly™ BUTT OFF Designer Fanny Pack


Make a bold statement with a cute corgi butt to go along with it. Our BUTT OFF Designer Fanny Pack makes a great gift for Corgi lovers.. or any dog lovers in general! Also available in White color!

Shop BUTT OFF Designer Fanny Pack (Black) Here

Shop BUTT OFF Designer Fanny Pack (White) Here


8. Cuddly™ Cottage Flowers Fabric Face Mask (with matching Pet Bandana)

Don't let this pandemic stop you from having a little fun dress up time with your pooch. Our Cottage Flowers pet bandana collar comes with a matching owner Face Mask. Definitely a head-turner!

Shop Cuddly™ Cottage Flowers Fabric Face Mask Here

Shop Cuddly™ Cottage Flowers Pet Bandana Collar Here

9. Cuddly™ Doge Men Cotton Tee

Are you a crypto maniac? Have you gotten your hands on some Doge coins to add to your crypo stash? No matter if you have or not and believe it or not, we know Doge coins is here to stay.. "In DOGE we trust!" If DOGE has made you lots of Kaching (or not), it's time to show your love for DOGE!

Shop Cuddly™ Doge Men Cotton Tee Here

10. CUDDLY™ Ladies Lantern Sleeve Blouse with Greyhound prints

CUDDLY™ Ladies Lantern Sleeve Blouse with Greyhound prints

Funk up your style with this Greyhound print lantern sleeve blouse!

This blouse has got to be in your wardrobe as it's so versatile in fashion; Pair it with your favourite pair of jeans for that casual look or with a pencil skirt or slacks for a smart yet fun & sassy office wear look!

Shop Ladies Lantern Sleeve Blouse with Greyhound prints Here


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