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CUDDLY™ Peek & Climb Stairs

Dogs are usually always ready to leap from one surface to another, but if you notice that your dog needs a little bit more encouragement or is visibly struggling to jump, then consider getting a pair of pet stairs for your fur baby. We know that you want to help give your pet the best life possible, which is why we created the CUDDLY™ Peek & Climb Stairs


Peek & Climb Stairs comes with two stairs with each designed for different purposes. Under the first stairs is a storage place where you can store your pets' toys and accessories. The second stairs is designed as a pet house with a soft plush cushion to provide a cozy and comfortable place for your pet to rest in.


Naturally, smaller breed dogs are more prone to getting joint pain as they age as compared to larger breed dogs as they require more exertion and strength to climb & jump onto higher places due to its size and shorter legs. 

With the help of the stairs (14.8 inches in height), your pet can easily reach their favourite places, like high bed or couch without putting too much pressure on their joints. 


Each stairs is equipped with a removable and washable cover to make it easier for cleaning. Its modern look and the neutral grey color makes it an elegant décor in your house too.

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