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Xiaomi Microhoo 3 In 1 Mini Air Conditioner


The blistering heat from this summertime heat wave is affecting everyone's mood and behaviour adversely from carrying out daily activities down to sleeping patterns & health system! 

Don't forget, this hot spell puts a toll on our PETS too! Numerous studies have found that not only humans are susceptible to heat stroke due to extreme high weather temperatures, but animals too. 

All is not lost, just yet. We have found the right solution to this sweltering weather - Xiaomi’s Microhoo USB aircon which uses iced water to produce cool air!

3 in 1 multifunction design: COOLS , PURIFIES and HUMIDIFIES.

Refresh, purify and humidify for better air like the design of refrigeration that takes you away from the hot summer.

LOW ENERGY consumption - powered with portable charger

You won’t have to worry about high utility bills with this nifty little gadget — it uses iced water to keep you and your pet cool instead.

All you have to do is charge it up with a USB pod or plug it in with an extension cord.

Alternatively, you could connect it to your laptop and enjoy the refreshing breeze while on your Zoom conference call, whilst having your pet sleep next to you.

Design of touch screen buttons - for trendy & easy usage


With the height of just 18cm tall and around 20cm in width, it makes it easier for lifting and moving around in the house. Its mini size is definitely suitable for putting anywhere on tabletops or even right next to your pet's sleeping bed.

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